Friday, 6 January 2017

Kitcar Magazine & Den Tanner Pt 2

I have been reliably informed that the Mad Mullah of Kitcar Mag, one Den 'the menace' Tanner has been recently sectioned for the second time and is now residing in a 'nutcase' house.

Apparently the first time it happened while he was residing at Her Majesty's clink somewhere. Now it has happened since he was released. I also heard his marriage went out the window as well. You cannot imagine how pleased I am with all this, as are a lot of others. I had a few drinks on that over the festive season to celebrate this good news. May he rot wherever they have locked him away.

The man (?) was truly mad as I could see when I took the twat to my local court in order to get a harrassment order against him, which I got. The idiot couldn't shut his big gob for a minute, so much so that the judge told him to shut up. I got the order. He certainly did harm to my business as he did to others including Which Kit owner Peter Filby.

It is a pity that that arch crook Bob Busbridge doesn't go the same way. He who copied my Viper Cobra and stole my trade mark 'Viper' by telling the IPO over 200 lies, which the tossers believed in the face of overwhelming evidence that he was a serial liar. Pity I did not have the dosh to take it all to the High Court. But then who can afford to do this these days when no one except illegal immigrants can get legal aid????

Of course the current owners of Kit Car Magazine continue to back this crook by letting him continue with his lying adverts. So they are just as bad as Tanner & his fellow liar Ian Hyne. Read my other blog on Busbridge called 'ragingmad' on Google blogspot and you will see tha whole story about how Busbridge was able to carry out his crimes. And a Happy 2107 to you all.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Kitcar Magazine & Den Tanner

The jungle drums have been beating again, about this horrible twerp and the latest info on him if true, has made its way to me and made my day. In fact made my year or even my century. Why is this you ask?

Well my old enemy as I have told you, got his comeuppance by getting done for growing cannabis, has allegedly gone off his rocker and has been sectioned. Well of course anyone who ever had anything to do with the little shit, knew that that was something deeply odd about him. The things he got up to and said about people was absolutely there in the realms of being deeply surreal. No normal and sane person could have behaved that way. So it surprises me not to hear this.

I feel absolutely no sympathy for him as he was responsible for siding with Busbridge at Cobretti and his copying of my Cobra and using my Trade Mark name of Viper. Had Tanner not been the only magazine to allow him advertising in Kitcar, Busbridge would not have found it easy to be able to advertise his Cobra copy. For in the early 90's most sales were through kit car magazines and not on websites.Other magazines wouldn't take his adverts,

Not only that but he buggered up other people in the kitcar world who he thought got in his way, in all sorts of ways, with his manic attacks on them. So I hope he continues to go down the path to eternal and utter insanity and if we are get really lucky, he may even top himself............Hurray to that!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Kitcar magazine and Ian Ayre

I thought this rag mag had died a death along with the demise of Dennis the Menace Tanner. King of the Weeds (in more ways than one I say) Still in clink I hope and I also hope he got raped by some big hairy Neantherdal while he was there.
Anyway I found out that it is still going, but I am told with much reduced sales. Good and I hope it eventually dies a death. This because I also have found out that it is still up to its tricks of supporting that arch liar, Busbridge......he of Cobretti, copier of my kit car the 'Viper' which he stole off me in 1991/92 and then lied his way through no less than one County Court case and SIX Intellectual Property tribunal hearings, where he lied so well that they believed every word he said and none of what I said. I then lost my trade mark which I'd used since 1985 and he gets it.......... British justice for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Anyway even though he got it, a fat lot of good its done him, as what has he sold in the past 22 years???? I hope it is because the general public has seen what a shit he is and have in the main steered clear of him. Of course he was helped a great deal by Tanner and his rag mag 'Kitcar' Any amount of lies were told by Tanner, Ian Ayre and Ian Hynne and I have covered all those lies in the sister blog to this 'Cobretti Engineering the true story' or Raginmad.
Ian Ayre sucked up to Busbridge so he could get a free or greatly reduced Cobra kit in 1992 and for which he wrote endless lies about Cobretti and how they got into business and how they came about to be selling the Viper which everyone knew had been made firstly by my company Brightwheel and then by my second company Classic Replicas. Enough lies were told about all that that could sink the Titanic. So when Ayre pisses off to the States I thought we would not hear from the scrawny wretch again. Yet I am now told he is at it again with this latest 'sucking up to Busbridge'. Maybe he does a lot more sucking of him, apart from his writings??? Anyway he has recently written yet another load of lies to try and bump up Cobretti and its been passed onto me by a believer of the TRUTH. So here is my demolition of the tripe he's spouted in this latest load of crap about Cobretti and MY VIPER.
LIE 1. 2nd paragraph. 'Cobretti goes back to the mid 80's and to to the Sheldonhurst Cobra Replica. This is a lie oft told by these habitual liars. Busbridge was nowhere to be seen in the 'mid 80's' as he never surfaced until late 1987 when he and his brother asked to become my London agent which I gave them in early 1988.
LIE 2. My Jag based Viper was not a copy of a Sheldonhurst as their car was a Granada based car!, so how could it have been copied by me as Ayre claims? THE TRUTH; me and my son and my staff and an outside sub-contractor designed a brand new chassis in early 1986 to take Jaguar gear and we made our arches that wide so as to take unaltered Jag suspension.  (Bubble arches described as such by dickhead Ayre.....what is that description supposed to mean and in any case look at real racing Cobras and see their wide arches.)
LIE 3. Then it is claimed that Brightwheel went BUST which it did not. I resigned because I was dissatisfied with my American partners and as they hadn't a clue how to make Cobras, they closed the company down. Later on as they did not pay the Taxman  THEY PUT BRL INTO LIQUIDATION, which is entirely different to a company going bust.
LIE 4. Customers of Brightwheel then had to go to Cobretti. As I had started my new company CLASSIC REPLICAS and took Cobretti back on to still be my London agents, it was ME SUPPLYING THEM WITH KITS AND PARTS FROM SEPT 1989 THRO' TO END OF 1991.
LIE 5. "Cobretti then carried on with a revival of the Viper with their own version of the Viper". His word 'revival' must be a NEW word for COPIED, so I must tell the Oxford Dictionary about this new version of 'copied' !! The TRUTH is that Busbridge waited until I went to Switzerland in May 1991 to build a race Cobra there  and as soon as my back was turned, they started their copying of my Viper 4 Cortina version and eventually my Jag version. I actually caught them at it and started legal proceedings, which as I was not rich I was forced to give up as it was costing too much.( and the lawyer I had knew diddly shit about copyright law)
LIE 6. 'The Viper still on sale nearly 30 years on' Implying that after stitching me up in 1991 this was the case. Even if you swallow their lie and implication that Busbridge copied my Viper when BRL finished in late 1989, it is apparent that not only is Ayre a liar but hopeless at maths, for if you take that 1989 is the copying date, that equals 25years and from 1991 the true copy date, it is 23 years. There has been a concerted effort over the years of Busbridge always trying to make out he's been making Cobras (even if they are copies) for longer than he has, as that somehow makes him look more experienced and bona fide.  
LIE 7. 'There have been design improvements over the years' The TRUTH is that if you look at the latest photo of his copy of my chassis it is EXACTLY the same as mine with a couple of minor changes to the footwells. The rest is identical as is the body and the way it attaches to the chassis.
LIE 8. 'The chassis is unnecessarily heavy' Well as Ayre is a penpusher and not an engineer, that statement is worth diddly shit as my chassis is made to give maximum strength for rigidity and accident strength front & rear, so that can hardly be called 'unnecessary' !! As an aside, the weight of a full made Viper was only 2Kgs heavier than a Dax, but much more rigid and stronger overall.
LIE 9. All the boasts about the accident with the LANDROVER are constantly mentioned to back up the integrity of my chassis and that is really a medal for me and certainly not Busbridge who couldn't design a 'rabbit hutch', the useless tosser. Also this is a double LIE as that Viper involved in that accident was A CAR MADE FROM ONE OF MY KITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (In the BRL years)
LIE 10. On page 38 you will see pictures of a car that is said to be decades old yet I can see that it is one of my kits and maybe even made by me? because the dash layout is what I used to make and the fittings seen were only used by me and not Cobretti. The glovebox lid was only ever made and supplied by myself and I cannot recollect any Cobretti copy having a lid as to fit it was beyond the wit of that idiot Busbridge to make one and fit it.. It is called a Predator and that was the name Busbridge gave to a Viper he made for a customer I passed onto him who wanted a Chevvy with a blower. The door pockets are obviously made by myself as Busbridges door panels are different on the elasticated pocket. See the photo on page 40 and you will see the open glove box and the different pocket. That car was made so crap that customer gave it to me to sort and sell and that was in 1992 in Germany)
Again the louvres were only supplied by myself as once again Busbridge simply did not have the expertise to fit them as they had to be fitted to a bonnet by hand. The higher bonnet air bulge was again only made by myself and that was to take Jag V12 engines with downdraft Webers or similar.
LIE 11. "There were some Viper 4's (a term coined by me and also copied by Busbridge as the twat did not have an ounce of originality in him and couldn't even think up a new name to give his COPY of MY Viper 4)
"Built in response to the Pilgrim Sumo". It was myself who designed the Viper 4 in response to Tanner and his shit and dangerous Sumo and of course Busbridge copied it as I've said.
LIE 12. "A 25 year old Cobretti can look the same as a new one" Do your maths and you can see that any alleged Cobretti Viper will be a Classic Replicas Viper as go back 25 years and I was still suppling Busbridge with my kits

So there you have it. Yet another diatribe of lies designed as they always have been, to give out a story of Busbridges involvement with a Cobra that he has had absolutely nothing to do with, over its design and being put into the marketplace AND of course all the work I put into getting its good name which he has traded on since 1991/92. The lies put out in this article are designed to make excuses for Busbridge, because anyone who knows their Cobra Replica history knows of the BRL & CR Viper and will ask themselves "Why is it that this company calls it a Viper when BRL and CR made the VIPER?" So out trots all the made up stories to try and explain all that away and this is why I will until I die give you, the public, the truth. See the sister blog I have run for years called 'Cobretti Engineering the truth" and you will get the full story of this habitual and arch liar and stealer of others intellectual property.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

DenTanner the Crook

Long time no post, but today I found out what that asshole and sheer crook, Den Tanner, has been up to. I have for years been saying that he is a total and utter asshole. A trouble maker and shit stirrer who made many kit car peoples life a misery with his evil ways.
Well today I found just how evil he is, because back in March, I believe he was arrested for growing in his factory, a massive amount of weed. So much that it was obviously for selling on. His shit magazine I am told was hived off to some of his staff so the cops couldn't get their hands on that asset.
He will be in court in the near future and I hope will spend some time in a prison and serve him right. They cannot give him a long enough sentence as far as I am concerned. For he helped no end the other crook Busbridge of Cobretti Engineering, to steal my business and designs of my Cobra, the Viper. Thus ruining my business and life.
Those two were like peas in a pod. Both little men, ugly to look at with chips on their shoulder like many little men. So they made up for it by being the most objectionable bastards they could be, by stitching up as many people as they could by whatever means they could. The sickening thing is that they got away with it and some deluded idiots even thought they were decent blokes and in the case of Tanner they think he even made a decent Cobra Replica.
Of course those of us who knew our job, knew it was a piece of dangerous shit and should never have been allowed on our roads. The design of the chassis was so dangerously and incompetently designed that it could collapse on hitting a big pothole or curbside. Which I believe it did to some unfortunates.
Well, if we are lucky, not only will we not see the light of 'Den the Menace', as I used to call him ever again ,but neither will any of his lying staff like Ian Hyne, see the light of day again, at least not in the Kit Car world as it deserves better.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Cobretti Engineering & friend Ian Hynne

Well this lying bastard Hynne is at it again on behalf of his lying boss Tanner the Terrible Liar and his mate Busbridge the Worlds Biggest Liar. Hynne has only just given this pipsqueak Cobra copier Busbridge a 6 page write-up in the Feb Issue or was it March and now in the May issue he gives him yet another 6 page write-up in which he REPEATS all the lies he put in his last article.
One has to ask why Cobretti/Busbridge is getting all this exposure when it is readily admitted that Cobretti only sells about 6 kits a year and yet he is getting more exposure than Dax or Gardner Douglas et al!!!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Kitcar magazine

Well I expect I have to expect that this complete and utter liar, will keep going on publishing articles on behalf of his lover, one Robert Busbridge, he of Cobretti.

The Kitcar 2010 Kitcar Guide has two page insertions extolling the virtues of Busbridges copy of my Cobra Replica, the Viper. In this advert it is claimed by Busbridge that he took legal action against Chrysler and stopped them using the trade mark Viper. He lies by saying he is the only registered owner of the trade mark Viper, when he knows I also have first registration.

Then he lies by saying the Viper is descended from the Sheldonhurst, which it is not as the Jaguar version of the Viper was a new design by me, made in 1986, AFTER Sheldonhurst stopped trading.

Of course Tanner knows these are lies but is quite happy to go ahead and let them be printed.

Then in the January 2010 issue of Kitcar there is on page 124 an article by an equally pathological liar, one Ian Ayre. He continues the lies by claiming the Cobretti Viper (Clone)
has been made since the early 1980's. This despite the fact that that I did not design it until mid 1986 and Busbridge was not even an agent of mine until Feb 1988 and did not rip off the designs etc until Mid 1992.
He further lies by twittering on about a crash inviolving a supposed Cobretti Viper (copy) and a Landrover, when in FACT it was a Classic Replicas Viper. Another lie is when he calls the body a Cobretti body when it is a copy of my Classic Replicas body.



Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Kitcar Magazine and Tanner the terrible.

One last little story about this twerp. Just to show you how his 'orrible' little mind works.
Back in the late 90's I had a Northern agent, a lad who had worked for me at Brightwheel Replicas, before he went off to Australia. Came back, and he had a car repairs workshop which wasn't getting enough work so contacted me. I got him to make my Cortina chassis for me and to act as my agent 'Up North' All went well until Tanner, he of the Potato Face, approached him and span him a load of lying shit about how he would do much better if he dropped me and became Tanners agent.
Can't blame the guy as he was desperate to earn more money. I dropped him and Tanner played him around a bit, never actually giving him much business, before dropping him altogether. The purpose of all this was obviously to fuck me up, which he didn't do, but he fucked up the guy involved for he got little or no business off 'Fuckface' and lost my business as well!!  What a nice lad our Tanner is, and I don't think. I hope this recession sees him off.